Product Book Club – Club de lectura de libros sobre Producto

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an event, which is actually a kind of reading club about books related to the product. The event is called Product Book Club and was organized by Pablo Gil, Eduard Giménez and Andrés Botero. It was held in the offices of The Venture City and had the purpose of meeting once a month and commenting on a book that we have decided in the previous event.

In this first edition of the event, since we had not been able to meet to decide a book, what we did was introduce each of us and talk about a book that would have made that «click» that suddenly opens a vision. After recommendations from around the world, we end with a list of recommendations of very interesting books that are the ones you can see below:

For the next edition of the event, which will take place in a month, we will read Inspired, by Marty Cagan and we will comment on our impressions of it in a relaxed way full of professionals from the sector but with very different profiles.

Personally, this is one of the events that I’ve been most enjoyed, I’ve been around for 10 years going to SEO and Product events in which the format repeats itself over and over again: either a guru who comes to talk about your book tells us something or they meet 4-5 people referring to the sector that talk about a specific issue on the stage.

In this case, we were all in the same room, sitting in a circle, all at the same level, commenting on the books that each one had chosen or that others suggested. It has been very interesting and I think that having so many points of view and so many ideas in one place is a wonderful way to learn quickly and fun.

María Leal

Con más de 8 años de experiencia en SEO, he decidido dar un paso en mi carrera hacia el product management. Esta web es el lugar donde compartiré mis experiencias sobre libros, productos y artículos interesantes.

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